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When the recession ends, Will your supply chain be ready?

When the recession ends, Will your supply chain be ready? is a virtual conference being conducted by Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management Review.

In my natural bearishness, I read the title as If the recession ends, will  your supply chain be ready? Heh!! Critical words – If, when and it should be in that order. As you can readily observer, “When” is a rather optimistic frame of mind in this context and “If” is dramatically pessimistic. I have no doubts that this recession will end but I am of the opinion that it is very well possible that when it ends, we’ll begin another one which we might or will recognize in hindsight.

But in the meantime, let’s get positive.

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  1. Valid food for thought! this time actually is the right time to mature the supply chain so that it is easy and seamless to real the benefits whenever this recession ends. The questions comes – how can we mature the supply chain and what are the KPIS that I need to measure and improve so that I have a better supply chain. Any insights on this?

  2. In the current environment, where variability is high, gaining end-to-end visibility over the supply chain is critical. balancing supply and demand can only be done when the partners exchange up-to date information on what happens. Many forget that. This is what you should do to prepare yourself for the end of the recession.

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