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Webinar on Supply Chain Risk Management

I want to alert you to a new free webinar on Supply Chain Risk Management: Supply Chain – it’s Risky Business hosted by World Trade Group (WTG) and presented by Douglas Kent. From the brief of the webinar,

This webinar examines the responses from hundreds of global companies to our recent supply chain risk survey, unveiling their most concerning risks and the level of exposure.  In addition, the study uncovers how companies are evaluating their level of vulnerability and, most importantly, reveals the best practices being adopted to effectively mitigate supply chain risk.

Key learning’s:

Extend the knowledge coming from our primary risk research
Provide the participant with valuable insight into how others are conquering the common problem of managing and mitigating supply chain risk.

And a little about the presenter Douglas Kent,

Douglas Kent is the European Chair for the Supply Chain Council and President of eKnowtion. With nearly 20 years of supply chain experience, Douglas Kent brings proven expertise in creating, implementing, and operating complex supply chain projects by "unlocking value" within client companies.   Through formalised business process re-engineering techniques, Douglas drives this improvement by utilising the SCOR model as the baseline for all improvement activities ranging from the initial diagnostic, through re-engineering and change management, benchmarking and continuing education.  His approach stems from the unique combination of experiences as a successful practitioner, consultant and educator of SCOR since the model’s inception.

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