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The supply chain bloggers are tagged!

3PLWire alerted me to a recent article by InboundLogistics.com that rounded up a few of the supply chain bloggers out there in the blogosphere. I’m glad, over the top happy, that I made the list and here is the mention,

@Supply Chain Management
Blogger: Chris Abraham, supply chain management consultant.
Audience: General logistics and supply chain professionals.
Content: The newly redesigned blog provides Abraham’s insightful take on news articles, trade publication features, and research reports pertaining to SCM and logistics. It also includes a comprehensive list of recommended logistics blogs and a fun map showing the location of site visitors throughout the world. (Kudos to Abraham for drawing visitors from as far away as Africa and New Zealand.) The blog is updated regularly and provides a moderate amount of user commentary.

The article by Amy Roach Partridge (on a side note, I was quite puzzled by a user who used a Thomas Publishing Company IP and I hadn’t the faintest idea who that might have been. Now, I do!) highlights some of the other supply chain bloggers who are linked to from my site as well. In the blogosphere, Know thy links is the right adage. Here they are:

  1. 3PL Wire
  2. BlogonLog
  3. China Logistics News
  4. Lean Blog
  5. Logistics List
  6. SCM Pulse
  7. Supplychainer
  8. Who Said Supply Chains Are Boring?

My thanks to Amy. Now to greater blogdoms!!

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  1. I’m a blogger too! 🙂 though I’m not at all a pure SCM blogger. Instead I focus on generic ERP and business solution issues. Of particular interest to me is the future role of communities as part of business solutions, which I believe will have a tremendous impact on SCM. The fact that ordinary search technologies still haven’t entered this arena is also a pet-peeve of mine. Feel free to have a look at tertiary opinions!

  2. Hello Chris,

    Congratulations on the recognition!

    Feel free to link to my Supply Chain Network blogsite at http://supplychainnetwork.com/



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