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Why Change Management fails most of the time?

I am on the road this week and so have little time at hand for blogging. But as I was flying to the east coast yesterday evening, I had an interesting thought. Change management projects and initiatives have a high failure rate, estimates that I have across put it about 60% failure rate. If anyone has a better number or figure for the failure rate for change management projects, send me a note.

The principal reason that I thought of yesterday was that change is not a part of the daily work schedule, part of the daily work objective – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” creates a working environment that doesn’t emphasize change sufficiently. Instead change is something that happens when something goes wrong, has gone wrong and now is a festering sore or is about to go wrong and some alert group or individual recognized it just in time.
What I’d like to find out is whether change management failure rates are comparable for firms that have a continuous improvement culture and those who do not.

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