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The D.W. Morgan “Last Mile” Scholarship

I want to highlight a “cool” scholarship made available by D.W. Morgan for college students – “Last Mile” Scholarship. I urge you to pass it on to individuals who may (and better yet, may not at this time) be considering a career in Supply Chain Management and/or Transportation Management. Talent is always going to be the differentiator when it comes to the Supply Chain Edge and such scholarships and experiences go a long way in creating those edges.

From the scholarship write up:

The D.W. Morgan “Last Mile” Scholarship
Imagine you’re a senior in college.  An ambitious, successful college senior, ready to take on the real world.  You graduate, move back in with your parents, and begin your job search.  Wouldn’t $5,000 be helpful?  $5,000 and your dream internship to help you get started?  I wish I had had that chance when I was there.
DW Morgan is making exactly that possible for 4 talented seniors by sponsoring a scholarship for students interested in supply chain, logistics and transportation management.
The task is simple: come up with a way to revolutionize the industry while making a positive global impact.  Easy, right?  Ha.  It’s called the “Last Mile” Scholarship, and the four winners are picked to receive $5,000 each, and the grand-prize winner out of those four gets the opportunity to intern at a DW Morgan location in the summer of 2011.
Interested?  Check out the website: www.lastmilescholarship.com for official rules, qualifications, submission guidelines and other information

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3 Responses

  1. Now I think the Idea of such a Scholarship itself is pretty awsome, because a lot of the things in the write up are quite true – you’ve graduated and “now what?” So 5K and an Internship could come quite handy. BUT here’s my problem: D.W. Morgan is a Consulting Company specialising in SCM – I think what could happen is, they get 4 “revolutionary Ideas with a positive global impact” for 20k and sell these Ideas for a lot more 0 behind. Of course this doesn’t have to happen, but reading the write up you really can’t help but suspect it.

    Just my 2 cents…

  2. (Chris) Jacob Abraham says:

    That is business – wouldn’t you say? A college scholarship and a business scholarship are worlds apart and so I’d think that anyone signing up for a business scholarship ought to understand that in advance. I would be really surprised if D.W. Morgan didn’t find some way to use the ideas generated by the students/interns…

  3. SCM says:

    They were my first thoughts when after reading the post aswell, but it would be a surprise to me if anyone had an idea “to revolutionize the industry while making a positive global impact”, and were willing to give it up for $5000. It could be just a good, cheap, first round interview stage, see who can come up with idea’s, good marketing ploy aswell.

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