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Useful SCM Resources – Time to plug in!!

I think that I should take the time to post about useful (and in some cases – very useful) supply chain management resources. And here is one that I subscribe to myself – Supply Chain Digest Letter on specific resources. Choose the one that most fits your palate and get them delivered to your home (free the last time I checked).

The other very useful resource that you may or may not have with you is to get yourself armed with an RSS feed reader. There are several of them that might appeal to you and depending on your OS and choice of browser, the offerings vary. Here’s a top-10 list for RSS readers (among the several that you may find). The reason that subscribing to feeds is important is simply that it plugs you in – into the conversations that are taking place, some connected and some tangential in the supply chain world. They way I would describe it is that it is the Bulletin Board/Forum idea, abstracted one level higher in a very loose sense.

Of course, the small voice in me asks that you might be gracious enough to subscribe to my blog as well. Meanwhile, I am preparing a review for a book that I received in the mail bag – Supply Chain Excellence: A Handbook for Dramatic Improvement Using the SCOR Model. It’s been a good read so far and I should have the review up in a few days.

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I am Chris Jacob Abraham and I live, work and blog from Newburgh, New York. I work for IBM as a Senior consultant in the Fab PowerOps group that works around the issue of detailed Fab (semiconductor fab) level scheduling on a continual basis. My erstwhile company ILOG was recently acquired by IBM and I've joined the Industry Solutions Group there.

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