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RapidResponse9 and Response Management

One of my blog friends, Randy Littleson, alerted me to the release of RapidResponse9 – a Response Management tool. In the light of my recent series on Surviving the China Rip Tide: Surviving the China Rip Tide – How to profit from the Supply Chain Bottleneck and Surviving the China Rip Tide – Recommendations???, I think it is quite appropriate to highlight the need (or upcoming need) for Response Management.

So what does Response Management do for you?

Taken from their website,

"In high-volatility, supply-constrained businesses, the new basis of competition is the ability to peer faster than your competitors into the black box of multiple planning and execution processes, running offline scenarios that give collective, rapid visibility to financial and service impact of a short list of viable decision alternatives,’" said supply chain research director Stephen Hochman, in a recent AMR Research article.

Now, regardless of whether this volatility is/has been created by your own supply chain decisions or those of others, in this age of having done globalization or off shoring already, you might very well need such a product or something like it to mitigate some of the risks the firm has exposed itself to with long lead times and global logistics. Moreover, response management is equally applicable for firms that have not packed up shop and shifted to China – when the one of the key differentiators is speed when competing with firms that obtain parts/products from overseas, getting the right product in the right quantity to the customer (especially if they’re high margin products) is going to be a source of relative advantage vis a vis its competitors.

If you’d like to know more about Response Management, there is a white paper on the subject by AMR Research that you can download for free at the Kinaxis website if you sign up.

What can I say – Lead time, lead time, lead time! What an age to live in?

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