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Follow up on Response Management

Randy Littleson of Response Management had a few comments regarding my initial post on Response Management. As I learn more about Response Managment, I offered this comment at his site regarding Response Management and Quick Response Methodology (QRM):
In your comments, you have referred to “breakthrough” in responsiveness that can be achieved by empowering the many stakeholders involved in making course corrections due to unexpected events in the day. From my reading of Response Management (albeit a cursory one at this time), it seems to be a software backed tactical level planning, weigh the options and impacts, decision making (and probably prioritizing) system i.e. consisting of a DSS (Decision Support System) side as well as certain processes that use this DSS. This probably fills a gap that has existed with Supply Chain Planning tools (that remain at a more strategic and long term horizon level) in that they cannot really get down to the nitty gritty of operations. ERP tools have recorded information at all levels of the firm but they do little more than that. I hope that I have captured the gist of the Response Management approach.
Of course, any tool that does some if not all of the above piques my interest greatly.
What QRM does is something quite similar in that it also gets down into the nitty gritty of operations – however it is very much from the planning point of view. With its attendant DSS, QRM plans the structure of the manufacturing system for those very situations wherein Response Management has been highlighted above.
So in a sense, they’re competing ways to solve the tactical issues of daily operations at a level not addressed effectively by SCM/Simulation/ERP systems.

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